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The schedule viewer allows you to view your schedule.

Click on Start Shift to begin your shift (you cannot log on more than 2 hours earlier than the shift start time).

Tap once on a visit to access the visit details screen.

Tap once on End Shift to end your shift once all the visits have been completed.

Scroll through the schedule to view visits or shifts by touching the screen and dragging up or down.

Visit Details

The visit details screen shows you information about a particular visit. From this screen you can start or end a visit, access client information and view the visit location on a map.

Tap the name of the client to display another screen with detailed client information.

Tap the address to view its location on a map. (This feature requires a network connection.)

Navigating visits

Use the Next and Previous buttons to move to the next or previous visit within a shift. You can also swipe the screen from left to right to move back, or from right to left to move forwards.

Tap the schedule button at the bottom of the screen to return to an overview of your shifts.

Starting a visit

Use the Start Visit or No Access buttons to begin or skip a visit. If you choose No Access you must provide a reason before you can move on.

These buttons may not be visible if your branch requires you to complete visits in a specific order, if the visit has already been completed, or if another visit is currently in progress. You must finish the previous visit before you can start the next one.

Note: At any point while using the application you can jump directly to your next scheduled visit by tapping the Next button in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. If a visit has been started this button will change to Current, and tapping it will display the visit that is currently in progress.

Completing tasks

A visit may be associated with a number of tasks, visible at the bottom of the visit details screen. When a visit is in progress you can tap on a task to toggle it between completed and uncompleted. Completed tasks display with a green check mark.

You can also add your own tasks to a visit by tapping Add Task. This will display a list of tasks to select from. The available tasks are predefined by your branch.

Ending a visit

To end a visit that is in progress tap the End Visit button. This will display a box for the client to sign.

Once signed, tap Accept to end the visit.


Reading messages

Mail displays a list of recently received conversations. Unread messages are highlighted in yellow. Your messages will automatically expire and be deleted after certain amount of time has elapsed.

Tap once on any conversation to view messages within it.

Responding to messages

Some messages require a response. If a message can be responded to the options will be presented at the end of the message text. Tap one of these buttons once to send your response.


This screen provides access to advanced and less commonly accessed functions of Mobile Care Worker. Tap once on any option to select it.

  • View current location - View your last known location on a map. (This feature requires network access.)

  • Raise alert - Trigger an alert.

  • Call office - Begins a call to the office

  • Sync now - Trigger an immediate synchronization with the iCareHealth servers. Under normal circumstances synchronization is carried out automatically in the background.

  • About - Display information about the version of the application you are using.

  • Log off - Log off and restart the application.

  • Change user - Disassociates your user account from the application. You will not be able to access your shifts without input from an administrator after selecting this option. Selecting this option may result in data loss.

Sorry, no help is currently available for this feature.

This visit has been completed.

This visit is currently in progress. (You started this visit at .)

End Visit Exception

Another visit is currently in progress.

You are currently logged into another shift.

This visit is scheduled to start at .
You can login up to hours before the visit's scheduled start time.

You must complete visits in the order specified.

This visit is for information only. You must log in/out using a third party monitoring solution.

Your current location was last updated at (accurate to ).

Your current location is unknown.

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